Eari Automotive


EARI is a full vehicle design consulting company. Due to the intensely competitive environment in the automotive industry, nowadays OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) are enforced to build lighter, safer and more economic vehicles with shorter product design cycles.

Our objective is to serve the automotive industry with our Profound Expertise, Progressive Experience and Professional Excellence to fulfill these purposes. The Organization of EARI Group is diversified, including people from OEMs, Manufacturing Supply Chain, Engineering Consulting Companies and Business Marketing Field in United States and China. We are helping our customers to meet these goals in the aspects of Full Vehicle and Component Designs and Analytical Benchmarking with our strong CAE and Design techniques.



EARI’s Clients and Current Projects

  • Structure

    •Platform Development ‒ICE/PHEV/HEV ‒BEV 

    •Pre-program •Lightweight •Vehicle Development

    •NA regulation •Component Development

  • Chassis

    •Chassis Calibration ‒Ride & handling ‒Steering ‒Brake ‒K&C •VPG •Bushing and mount design •Brake Design

  • CAE

    •Crash Safety 




    •Vehicle Dynamics 

    •Topology Optimization

  • Talent introduction

    Senior Personnel in Global Automotive Industry

Full Vehicle CAE

Excellent vehicle collision performance is also an important technical capital for vehicle occupancy market.

Component CAE

It is an important means to maintain the leading position of products in the fierce competitive market environment.

Analytical Benchmarking

Provide all kinds of reference and data basis to ensure that the developed models have sufficient competitiveness.